​1. Mindfulness at Work

mOPTA (Mindful Optimizing Performance, Tenacity and Awareness)

The mOPTA programme was originally based on the designed to fit the needs of the competitive sports and was offered as a two-day intensive training, followed by six 90-minute weekly follow up sessions.

 In order to make this programme available to interested organizations and individuals outside of the Kuala Lumpur, we will offer the program as a package to sponsoring organizations, companies and teams in a package similar to its original form. Our teacher will come to your location for the 3-day intensive training retreat and then all participants will be eligible to attend six weekly 90-minute online video follow-up sessions hosted by our trainer.

Because the real potential of mindfulness training comes from a sustained and regular practice, our intention is to offer "open" follow-up sessions that any graduate of the programme can attend on a drop-in basis as a support to ongoing process. These "booster" sessions will be offered for a nominal fee.

Please contact us at asiamindfulness@gmail.com for information about scheduling, pricing, and adaptations of the programme to suit your particular needs. We welcome inquiries regarding disseminating the mOPTA program within a larger organization that may entail a "train the trainers" model and ongoing support of trainers in various ways.

2. 8-Week Mindfulness for Health & Well-being

The 8-Week Mindfulness for health and well-being is based on the classic Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course, a mindfulness training program developed and introduced by Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979. This research-backed course is conducted in a safe environment with an approach that is both interactive and personal for the participant, who learns authentic mindfulness techniques in a group process to manage their anxiety and other stress-related disorders for greater well-being. 

3. Individual Mindfulness Coaching

Our one-on-one mindfulness coaching is meant for individuals who are beginners in their mindfulness practice and feel they require closer guidance in continuing or improving their regular practice. Please contact Asia Mindfulness for more information on individual coaching. 


Connect with us, because we would love to practice mindfulness with you. 

Client Testimonials 

"I feel it has helped me through a very stressful time at work, giving me the tools to take care of my own mental health, empowering me to take breaks from frantic thinking, become aware of how stressed I was and helping me unwind.  It has also helped me understand context around stressful communications and reactions to stress.  I feel I have a choice to act differently now.  It has also helped me appreciate all that is good and nourishing in my life."

"This course has greatly increased my self-awareness and I feel there has been a real heartfelt shift in my understanding of the way I think and that I do not have to be governed by my thoughts.  The course has given me breathing space and clarity."

"With guided practice initially and now independently, the mindfulness practice helps me so much to stay focus, alert and relax at the same time. I have also started noticing little pleasure around me that I have overlooked all this time and enjoy this feeling of staying in the present moment."

"I have gained so much from the course.  I feel by taking the time for this practice, I have allowed joy, satisfaction and calmness amongst other things back into my life.  In turn I feel like I have a better relationships with my family and my colleagues.  It’s something I want my kids to learn.  I know life can take turns and switch direction but I feel I can cope with it by what I have learned.  Thank you."

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